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This site is used to setup email alerts on the usedguns.com.au site by filling in a tiny form on this page.
Every 30 mins, we hit usedguns.com.au and read their new content. If you have a search setup with us, we will notify you when a new advertisement is added to their site, so you can snap it up before someone else gets their ugly mits on it!

If you already know how to use this service, please scroll down to the form to start. Otherwise, please ensure you whisk over the instructions to ensure your email alerts are going to work!


Please fill in as much or as little info you like.
A more specific search (all 3 fields) will give you a very tight search, and you will only get emails on that particular make/model/calibre firearm you are looging for.
A 'looser' search (ONLY calibre, or ONLY make, or ONLY model) will give you more matches, but may be not be EXACTLY what you're after...but thats ok.
Fill in one, two or three of the fields, its really up to you. If you find your search isn't tight enough, email us and we'll adjust it.
for example:

example image

In the above ad, if you want to search for any 223s Just enter 223 in the Calibre field.
If you want to search for all Remington rifles, just enter Remington in the Make field
If you want to search for any 7615 (no matter the calibre) just enter 7615 in the Model field
If you want to be real specific and just want a 7615 IN 223, enter 223 in the Calibre field and 7615 in the Model field.
NOTE : Our search is very specific. If you get the spelling wrong, you will get invalid searches. Please go to used guns, and do a quick search for the rifle you want and make sure you copy the exact text for each search field. for example, a 22LR is listed with NO space between the 22 and the LR, if you enter 22 LR into our search, you will get no matched rifles.

Email alert setup

Setup your email alert by filling in the details below. If you are unsure on how to do so, please read the instructions.

Setup a search

eg: 35 Rem

eg: Marlin

eg: 39A